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LEISURE – All So Right [Forthcoming Album]

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This album is dedicated to all of our friends

After a long and sweaty journey of trying to redefine ourselves we are proud to finally announce our first album.

We are still working very hard on this because we want to do this right the first time. We will try to keep you posted during the process and maybe even show you a few songs in the meantime. We hope it will be worth the wait and we’re stoked to hear what you’ll think of it!

With love,

Available Lyrics

All So Right


Summer is coming
It’s getting warmer
The weekend’s calling
Let’s go, go surfing

Let’s call our friends
Hang out and dance
The best endeavour
Hope it lasts forever


Can you feel
It’s all so right
Can you feel
It’s all so fine

Can you feel
It all around
Can you feel
this summer sound